Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have accepted a blog award from Jessie Lilac (thank you, thank you , thank you!!) and hadn't posted what I was supposed to (sorry! I need two of me and an extra brain) to accept it so.......
Seven things I love:
1. my God
2. my 2 contributions to the human race. I am beyond blessed to be their mother.
3. Family and friends. 
4. Illustration!! I love to read about it, dream about it, think about it. It's something I must do!
5. Laughing...especially the kind that makes milk come out of your nose.
6. A cup of coffee. I have one in the morning and one at night, with cream and sugar. (I'm enjoying some decaf right now) Do you have any french vanilla?
7. Learning. I plan on doing just that for as long as I live.

Now for the second part. Passing this award on....Thanks for the inspiration!
1. Paige of Fox in Socks
3. Caroline of Caroline's Studio
4. Eric of Eric Barclay
5. Pati of Cabana Digital
6. Ben of The Pocket
7. Angela of Angelato


Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Christine! A well deserved award and a great list! :)x

Eric Barclay said...

Great list! Congratulations on your award, and thanks for passing it on. :-)

Alicia Padrón said...

Thank you for the award!! You are too kind :o)

I love coffee too, but I wish I could have it at night like you do.. Believe it or not it is hard to find decaf here!.

pati @-;-- said...

You are so sweet, Christine! Thank you so much.

We have some things in common, specially coffe & illustration! :)

BTW, congrats for your award!

Ben Clanton said...

Awesome, congrats, and thank you so much!!!

Caroline said...

Congratulations Christine and a big thankyou for nominating me!! I love your illustrations!

Angela said...

Christine, thanks so much for passing me the award. You are so sweet!

A good laugh is definitely one of the best things in life!!

Anonymous said...