Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aw, what's wrong with this guy?

...don't know but it looks like he's trying to tell me something.

I had an image transferring epiphany! It's so simple that I'm kicking myself for taking sooo long to figure it out. Really. Instead of the excessive tracing on tracing paper to get my image on the watercolor paper, I now photocopy the sketch, go over the back with pencil, then trace over top of the copy. Used it on this guy. So, yay! A new method until I get and learn photoshop and purchase a new printer that I can feed watercolor paper.


Ginger*:) said...

It worked well and the image is wonderful... but also a bit sad. I hope this fellow gets better soon!

Maybe he just needs a nap.

christine grove said...

Hi Ginger:)
I wish napping was mandatory for all. Sigh. Thanks for your comment!

Jessie said...

It look as though he's giving you some advice! Very clever and original image Christine! :)

cally jane studio said...

I really like your style! You've got some lovely work here :)