Friday, July 9, 2010

Character sheet

Here's the main character for my book project that I'm continuing to work on. The format's sort of an abstract and different idea so hope it all comes together! Anyhow, this character page was so fun to do. Do you ever find yourself wondering about your character and wishing you could meet them? Is that silly?


k.h.whitaker said...

cute character Christine

Gay McKinnon said...

No, not silly, I think characters become absolutely real to authors and - here's the important thing - readers, and by the time you've done the book you will know them like an old friend. And maybe in time, some children will too. I'm still friends with Piglet.

June said...

Gay said it well. By the time you are complete with drawing a book, you know exactly how your characters would be in any situation, and they are dear friends. So, nothing silly about wishing you could meet them, and wouldn't that make it easier to draw them at all angles... if you could just call them over and ask them to pose :)

PS I am still friends with Piglet too, but the real one, not the Disney one.