Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Highwire Pigs and Acrobatic Amphibians: In Progress

Painting in progress for the never-ending website. I'm planning on doing a series of all sorts flying pigs. Gotta keep working on this one, hopefully I have finally found The One for the website homepage. I have to say things look dark at the moment but I'm learning valuable lessons (a.k.a. annoying things that make me want to scream "uncle!").  Things like I'm not going to love every piece, searching for perfection is like swimming in circles and some action (even if you aren't sure of direction or outcome) is better than no action.


June said...

Oh! Christine, this piece is priceless. It is a perfect Home Page image.
It also contains a story waiting to be told... you have so much talent, hang in there despite any frustrations.

christine grove said...

I so needed to hear that! Thanks, June

June said...

If you have concerns, you are welcome to contact me for a pep talk :o)
You should have no such concerns though... you are going to do just fine with your wonderful artwork.

Paige Keiser said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Promo postcard!! Send it out and reap the benefits :D