Friday, August 12, 2011

Matilda, The Fearless

I have this idea for a print or a card or a collage piece...or something. (These infinite possibilities are what drive me insane!) Anyway this is the character that came out of my pencil, colored pencil and brush. Her colors are muddy and her lines are messy, I rather like it. It's different than the usual. She's done on coldpress, so I could get a nice bumpy messy line with my micron pen. Not sure what I'll do with her, if anything. She was supposed to be balancing an overlargely animal on some apparatus on her index finger. Yeah, I should go back to this. I fear she'll be swimming around in my brain til I do.


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

I love it! This is more like my style, erm, but better =). She looks kind of like me, so you should have her balancing a bowl of some sugary sweet.

christine grove said...

Thanks so much. I checked out your blog and that Dr. Seuss mural!?! Awesome!!!! I'm so intimidated by large spaces. You do them beautifully!