Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday Movie Night Sketch

Last night was movie night. We watched Rango. (I couldn't figure out what half of those creatures were. It was funny, though.) This Thursday night exercise is a totally free- do whatever character comes to mind-unrelated to anything I'm working on kinda of night. Relaxing. And because I love ( I mean ADORE) the sketching process I really enjoy this "free" time.

My son says his tooth's facing the wrong way. Which would be true except this vampire's all discombobulated. Hates the sight of blood, sleeps upright, scared of the dark, can't stand bats. So the tooth fits. I wish I could flesh out all of my characters and get to know them more! Right after I draw one, another one comes for a visit and I simply don't
have enough tea and biscuits to go around!!


Elina Ellis said...

This sketch is AMAZING!!!! He has so much character and he is pretty funny too:)

Sandra van Doorn said...

i agree with Elina; this is amazing. just amazing.
xo sandra

christine grove said...

Thanks so much:)

Coreopsis said...

What a fun fun character! Great drawing!

christine grove said...

Thank you:)