Sunday, April 22, 2012

And side 2. Was planning on using another image but this one's painted and ready to go and I'm short on time. Plus the colors on both sides of the business card will look heavenly together...providing it all prints smoothly. Hope all the text is readable. I saved both sides in layers in Photoshop so I can go back and edit. I believe I can cross 'design business card'  off my list.


June said...

Christine, this is adorable... I wish I had such lovely business cards :o)

One thought about the other side text... and it is just a thought.
Should Notepads be centered over stationery, and prints centered over listpads? Or maybe both should have their straight edge at the central margin, IE notepads and stationery to the right, and the other side ranged to the left!

christine grove said...

Thanks, June! I'll take another look at the spacing. I changed a few other minor things as well. It's not printing as crisp, either....may have to redo with a higher (what is it???) resolution? in Photoshop.