Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hope you have completely and thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful Christmas season with family & friends. In a very short bit it'll be time to think about the coming new year and all of the possibilities it holds! This coming year I'll continue playing around with Photoshop and feeling my way thru the dark:) Little girl and Kitty was a quick pencil on paper sketch, scanned in with sepia added. Then I pinked up their cheeks, which I can officially say I much prefer doing in PS rather than in watercolor. You can change it, soften it, mess with the opacity, etc. And I just like the outcome better. Then I added some scratches, drips and words with free downloaded paintbrushes. Heart + XO's were drawn with a
 PS dry media pencil. 
As far as 2013 goes, I'm not sure if I'll think about the new year in terms of plans + goals this time. 2012 has been a tough one. I may just do a little reflecting and concentrate on what I am thankful for today, and each day thereafter. Somewhere in between now and tomorrow everything else will fall into place. 



June said...

Your digital illustration skill have developed nicely :o)
Wishing you a New Year filled with happy moments.

christine grove said...

Thanks! I still have soo long to go. Happy New Year to you as well!