Friday, January 4, 2013

Four Sweet Babes

Four sweet babes all together. Have a 5th I had digitally painted (you can see her in Sept posts) that I will redo and add to these. I felt so good about these babies I hopped out of bed to get to my computer this morning. I think I may have the hang of digital painting! I see improvement and it makes me happy.  

Here's the process: These were drawn with good old pencil on paper, then scanned in. In PS I changed to color to sepia to give me a nice tone to start with. That also gave the pencil lines a nice textured brown & colored pencil feel. Then I painted them all in PS; changing opacity, using the eraser, playing around with lines and color, etc. Seems like it works for me to paint and then take away/use eraser tool in order to get the look I want. Also, working in layers is great! If I need to, I can go back and easily make changes. What do you think? Brighter than my usual work? Do they have the same character? 

I cannot wait to hear what my agent thinks of these! I'm hoping I've got a good start on the right digital path. 

(for IF: Painting these makes me feel I'm on the edge of something great with a whole new medium.)


Jane Grant Tentas said...

These are incredibly cute babies! I like that your digital work still retains the hand-drawn look.

christine grove said...

That's the nicest things you could've said! I'm trying to keep my style with the digital painting.