Friday, June 1, 2012

Chicks Still Rule

A goooood while ago I had an idea for a little shop. So I opened one on Etsy to reserve the name. Recently I have begun adding items. Listed these flat notecards in my shop tonight. You know, when I first drew this queenly chick I wasn't fond of her. But I'm glad I went ahead and finished the painting, at the urging of my sweet daughter (a.k.a. giver of opinions, approval of all final art, spelling expert) because she's become one of my favorite designs. Plus, well, she speaks the truth. Chicks do rule.


Ann Pilicer said...

How awesome! This little chick does rule. I am sure many camp kids would love to have them to write to a friend or home. Great idea. I wish you the best with your shop! I will spread the word! :D Love your work! :)

christine grove said...

Thanks Ann!

Marie Alice said...

I went to your shop to admire these notecards. It was not there but the other items are gorgeous. Good luck with all your projects