Friday, June 1, 2012

Digital Painting & Mr. Kitty

Oh. no. I can feel it in my bones. As much as I wanted to pull my hair out with Painter today I can feel things are changing. I'm sorry Winsor & Newton. This morning I scanned in this little sketch, cleaned it up in Photoshop and then spent all day (no lie) in Painter digitally coloring this. The colors aren't right. I didn't intentionally give her a serious purple carpet to stand on. That's supposed to be her shadow. Seriously. But this was really good practice. You think I could do this in Photoshop? I think I may prefer that program. Maybe.

I love watercolor, I love my real brushes. So my goal really is to find a balance. There's value in both. It's for my own to good to learn this. So I plan to keep at it. (You know that whole wishing I was further along? I'll add this to that list.)

P.S. She loves her striped little kitty. So. Much. I'm not so sure Kitty feels the same way.


Irina Lib said...

That is seriously my 20 month old with our cat down to the pig tails and the stripes! It's like you peeked into our house! I think you might find Photoshop more powerful than Painter. I use it in my "day job" so try to stay away from in when I paint but it's a great tool :)

k.h.whitaker said...

I use them both together Christine, literally, have them both open and go back and forth. I just find that there are certain things that I can do more easily in each of the programs.