Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Digital Attempt

My try at digitally painting one of the baby sketches previously posted in Photoshop. Definitely a challenge. I'm not crazy about the hair either.


Adrienne May said...

Sweet image. You may not care for the hair, but I've seen several babies with hair exactly like your picture. :-)

aylin kaplan said...

so sweet.

June said...

Hey, thanks for posting the digital result. She is quite different from your watercolour work, but I think she has charm... you are getting there with the digital.
Remember - it is a whole new way of working and you have to find the effects that make you happy... it isn't easy to learn new methods, but you are doing so well.
Keep going, it will all pay off in the end.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I agree, digital can be challenging but I think this is a wonderful illustration. Any new medium has it's difficulties but what I like about digital is the availability of so many amazing treatments. It is like having an art store in your computer. :)
Just need to find the down time to practice.